We chat to Disney star Bridgit Mendler!


For all you fans of the show Good Luck Charlie, we’ve got some exciting news!

good-luck-charlie-groupAt 6pm on 16th December on Disney Channel, you can see the premiere of the show’s first Disney Channel Original Movie!

The show stars a Fun Kids favourite Bridgit Mendler, who was also in Lemonade Mouth – click here to check out our interview with her and the rest of the Lemonad Mouth gang.

So the film is calle d The Road Trip Movie (aka it’s Christmas) and follows the adventures of Teddy and Amy as they try to get across America to spend Christmas with their family.

To find out more, we recently got in touch with Bridgit Mendler to ask her some questions!

Hi Bridgit! What can you tell us about the festive Good Luck Charlie movie?

bridgit-good-luck-charlieThe Good Luck Charlie movie is about a crazy Christmas adventure! The Duncan family are heading to Palm Springs for Christmas, so they all go to the airport together – but Teddy and her mum jump off the plane before it takes off.

Why do they jump off the plane?

Teddy wants to go on holiday with her friends the next spring, but she’s been told that she has to pay for her own ticket if she goes. When the Duncans get on the plane at Christmas, the airline offers them a free ticket if they give up their seat and take the next flight to Palm Springs – so that’s exactly what Teddy does.

What happens next?

Well, the next flight isn’t available for a couple of days – but Teddy and her mum don’t want to miss Christmas with the rest of the family. They have to set off on a crazy road trip and find a new way to get to their destination – with a lot of hilarious results!

Sounds fun! How is life different on a movie set compared to a TV set?

It takes a lot longer to shoot a movie compared to a TV show. There’s a very different pace. We shoot a whole episode of Good Luck Charlie in two days, but we spent an entire day just shooting one scene for the movie!

What other differences are there?

We shoot the show in front of a live studio audience every week, but we shot the movie on location – so it was very different. It was strange because we didn’t have the audience laughing along with us this time.

Did you get a swanky trailer on the movie set?

We did get trailers on the movie set, which was really cool. We don’t have trailers when we shoot the show; we have dressing rooms instead.

What was in your trailer?

It was pretty cool inside, although I didn’t decorate it. I brought along one orchid plant, but that was it. What else was in there? Well, there was a television, as well as a stereo system, a couch and a refrigerator.

What did you keep in your fridge?

I kept some Country Time Lemonade in there!

Wait a minute… Are you a fan of lemonade because of Lemonade Mouth?

No, I drank lemonade long before I shot Lemonade Mouth. It’s one of my favourite drinks, so I always have it around. It’s delicious!

When did you shoot the Good Luck Charlie film?

We shot the film back in April, which was a little weird because it’s not very festive in April. We spent a lot of April singing Christmas songs, which was really confusing – but you soon get used to it. I’d find myself singing Christmas carols during lunchtime, which was strange – but it was funny too. If people didn’t know what we were doing, they’d think we were a little nuts!

What’s your funniest memory from the film shoot?

I’ve got so many funny memories from filming the movie, but the one time that comes to mind was when we were shooting in the car. Leigh [who plays Teddy’s mum] and I were lying down, so we couldn’t see the camera and we couldn’t hear them call ‘Action!’

What happened?

We were goofing off and doing funny voices, but then we heard someone scream, ‘Cut!’ They’d been filming us all the time, but we had no idea. We’d been messing about and we’d missed our lines. Oops!

It sounds like you had a lot of fun shooting the movie…

We had a blast shooting the movie! Most of my scenes were with my on-screen mum, so it was lovely to get to bond with her. We spent a lot of time shooting cool car scenes because we hit the road for much of the movie – and that was a lot of fun because I’d never filmed anything like that before.

The movie is a festive adventure, but are you a fan of Christmas?

I love Christmas! It’s one of my favourite times of year. It’s such a special time where you get to make magical memories with your family. We love celebrating Christmas in our home. It’s awesome!

Does Teddy get a new winter wardrobe in the movie?

The story of the movie takes place over three days, so I basically wore the same outfit for the whole film shoot. There wasn’t any time for costume changes really.

Was it a cool outfit?

Thankfully, it was!

Do you ever want to take Teddy’s outfits home?

For sure! Teddy wears some really cool clothes, although I love her boots more than anything else in the show. I’m a little obsessed with boots – and Teddy has got some amazing pairs!

Tell us about your favourite boots in the show…

There’s one pair of boots that really stands out for me. They are bright red moccasin boots, but they go up really high and they have this beautiful beading. They are really cute. And I really want them!

***The Road Trip Movie (aka It’s Christmas) will premiere on Disney Channel at 6pm on 16 December 2011