How do they weigh and measure animals at zoos, and why?

London Zoo weighs all its animals every year!

Every year, zookeepers at London Zoo measure hundreds and hundreds of animals to make sure they’re all growing well.

During the weigh-in, animals across the zoo have vital statistics recorded including their height and weight.

That information is then shared with zoos across the world to help zookeepers compare important information on thousands of endangered species.

There are more than 20,000 animals and 698 different species at the zoo so this is no easy feat!

Little monkeys called squirrel monkeys are weighed on a scale.

They’re lured on to the scale with yummy food!

For bigger animals like lions and gorillas, the zookeepers leave food near a massive ruler.

As they reach for their snack, the zoo keepers are able to measure how big the lions are.

“Weight is a particularly important indicator of health, and we can even detect pregnancies through a growing waist line”

That’s what the London Zoo zoological manager Mark Habben said.

Much of what is known about the typical weights and measurements of animals has been discovered in zoos!

Of course, some of the animals are more dangerous than others and a big challenge is keeping them all still!

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