Weirdest world records in new Guinness World Records book!

What are the weird world records?


There’s around 7 billion people on the planet which means there’s quite a few that do some p-r-e-t-t-y weird stuff! Here are some weird world records!

Whereas in the past these ‘weirdos’* would have been chased out the local village, nowadays their strange antics are celebrated in a big book of World Records!

The latest instalment of Guinness World Records marks 60 years of the series charting the weird and wonderful!

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So we’ve taken a look at some of the craziest things you’ll find in 2015’s edition…

Longest tongue


Nick “The Lick” Stoeberl from Monterey, California is the proud owner of the world’s ‘longest tongue’ – measuring 10.10cm! There’s unconfirmed reports that he uses it to pick his nose sometimes.

Heaviest weight lifted by human beard

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Antanas Kontrimas of Lithuania in Istanbul, Turkey holds the record for the ‘heaviest weight lifted by human beard’ – a whopping 63.80kg! As you can see, that’s about the weight of an average woman!

Most apples crushed with the bicep


Linsey Lindberg from Austin, Texas (better known as Mam Lou) set her World Record by crushing eight apples with her bicep! We’re not sure why…

Largest yo-yo


Beth Johnson from Ohio is in the books for building the world’s ‘largest yo-yo’-  measuring 3.65m in diameter and weighing 2095.6kg! The project did take Beth over a year and a half to complete though!

Longest jump by a cat


Alley the Cat (owned by Samantha Martin of Austin, Texas) managed to make the ‘longest jump by a cat’ of 182.88cm! That’s even taller than Sean! We wonder if Alley knows he’s famous?

Longest golf club


Karsten Maas from Denmark is hoping to be the next Rory McIlroy after playing with the ‘longest useable golf club’! The club may be 4.37m long but it’s been used to drive the ball a distance of 165.46m!

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*Not actually ‘weirdos’, we’re just jealous of their talents!

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