When Professor Pulsar met Tim Peake!


Into Film Into Space - Tim_PeakeDeep Space High is Fun Kids very own intergalactic school in space!

Located just beyond the third star on the left, Deep Space High is a cool space school for kids from all over the Universe!

The headmaster of Deep Space High is Professor Pulsar – he’s had a helping hand from British ESA astronaut Tim Peake and some top experts from the UK space industry to explain some of the most dastardly difficult mysteries of space and broadcasting his findings back to the planets, like…

  • Can animals go to space?
  • Can you get space sick?
  • Can you have fizzy drinks in space?
  • How do you become an astronaut?
  • How do you sleep in space?
  • What are space suits made of?
  • What causes a shooting star?
  • What do astronauts do in space?
  • Why do some stars twinkle and some don’t?

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