Who are Stereo Kicks: the new X Factor Boyband?


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There’s a brand-new boyband taking The X Factor by storm – it’s Stereo Kicks!

James, Reece, Tom, Casey, Jake, Charlie, Barclay and Chris (yes, there’s eight of them!) were formed by show bosses after each failed to make it through Boot Camp as solo artists.

Simon and the judges saw potential in the boys though and formed this gigantic super-group, which Louis sent straight through to the Live Shows!

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We love Stereo Kicks here at Fun Kids and think the eight-some (is that a thing?) are definitely one of the favourites to win the competition!

So who are Stereo Kicks?


James Graham (17)

  • Volunteers at a music studio in Essex.
  • Lives at home with his parents
  • Left school two years ago

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Reece Bibby (15)

  • He’s from Lancashire
  • His Dad is his inspiration
  • Taught himself guitar through YouTube videos

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Tom Mann (20)

  • Oldest in the group
  • He’s a musician and football coach
  • Got to Boot Camp last year

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Casey Johnson (19)

  • Works in a shop in London
  • First attempt at making it in music
  • Calls himself a ‘ladies man’!

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Jake Sims (19)

  • Student from Bristol
  • Looks after his Mum and sister
  • His Mum is his inspiration

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Charlie Jones (14)

  • Youngest in the group
  • Born in Kent
  • Singing since he was 8

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Barclay Beales (18)

  • Works as a tyre fitter
  • Previously wanted to be a professional footballer
  • Got to Boot Camp last year

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Chris Leonard (18)

  • Works in a bar in Ireland
  • Singing since he was 4
  • Used to be in a different boyband

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Watch Stereo Kicks in action below…

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