Who invented the selfie?

It wasn't Paris Hilton.

Paris Hilton is a really famous person who is on the telly a lot.

On social media this weekend, she claimed she invented the selfie and even posted a picture to prove it!

That’s Paris, hanging out with popstar Brittany Spears in 2006.

Not everyone on social media agreed with her though and some people doubted that she ‘invented the selfie’.

Bill Nye (the science guy!) took a selfie on a disposable camera back in 1999 on a plane, one user pointed out.

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And someone else pointed out that George Harrison, who was a member of the Beatles, took this in 1966.

7 years before that, another Beatle also got involved, Paul McCartney.

In fact, there are some really old looking selfies, like Frank Sinatra’s and even this one –

Finally, we came to solve this huge problem.

The National Galleries, an organisation in Scotland that takes care of lots of art – including everything in Scotland’s Portrait Gallery – chipped in.

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They pointed out that the first recorded selfie was probably taken by Robert Cornelius, an American photographer, in 1839.

That’s 178 years before Paris.

His photograph is kept in the world’s largest library, the Library of Congress.

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