World’s most boring movie premiers in cinemas today: Baa Baa Land from Calm!

It's eight hours long.

A movie designed to put you to sleep has just been released! It’s called Baa Baa Land, is eight-hours long, and it’s all about sheep!

The movie doesn’t include people, any speaking, or even a storyline. It’s literally just eight hours of sheep.

Baa Baa Land was shot over a couple of days in a field about an hour and a half outside of London.

The producer of the movie doesn’t or want people to get through all of it awake.

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That’s because main purpose was to come up with something that was relaxing and would help people lie down and drift off to sleep.

Most of the shots last for about half an hour so the movie feels super slow-mo.

It comes from the man who created Moshi Monsters, Michael Action-Smith. He said:

Nowadays people are more and more focused on watching things rather than reading things, so we thought this could be the ultimate way to help them count sheep

Michael and the movie’s co-producer, Alex, both run an app called Calm.

The app features loads of sounds and stories to help you relax.

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