World’s oldest library books: How overdue are these books?

The oldest is 76 years!

Overdue library books suck, right?

You forget all about them and when you take them back, the librarian gets all mad and probably tells you off…

Luckily, most of us are only ever late by a few days. But some people are finding library books that are years overdue!

These two library books are overdue by ten years!

This library book, owned by Natalie, is overdue by 76 years!

Someone worked out the fine – it’s a whopping £2,030!

During an eight-day amnesty on fines in 2014, a 63 year old book was returned to Warwickshire library.

An amnesty is when you’re allowed to hand something in without getting in trouble.

If the book been been returned after the amnesty ended, the borrower would have faced a penalty of £5.22.

If the cap wasn’t in place, based on the council’s current charges of 18p per day, the reader could have faced paying more than £4,000!

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This one from America is overdue by about 26 years…

…and it looks like one person has only ever read this one.

It was booked out 52 years ago!

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