World’s steepest rollercoaster!


Reckon you’re a daredevil? Well, you’re bravery will be put to the test with the new ride set to come out soon in Japan.

The Fuji-Q Highland Amusement park are about to open a brand new ride this year which will be world’s steepest rollercoaster!

The rollercoast will be 1km long with seven big twists, as well as a 43m drop and 121 degree freefall! And even though 1km might sound quite long, the ride will travel at 100km per hour, meaning the ride will take just 112 seconds.

The new ride, called Takabisha (or ‘dominant’ in English), will be taking the record off a rollercoaster right here in the UK. The Mumbo Jumbo rollercoaster at Flamingo Land in North Yorkshire, currently has a 112 degree drop.

So will you be begging your parents to take you to Fuji-Q or does the sheer thought of it terrify you?