Would You Rather…? With Bars & Melody – BAM!

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Own a pet lizard or a pet snake?

Melody: I actually have two bearded dragons, which I love, so I would have to say lizards.

Bars: Pet snake because Charlie has lizards.

Have hair to the ground or be totally bald?

Bars: I’d choose to have hair past my feet because I could always cut it.

Melody: I would probably go bald and buy a wig.

Wear really big shoes or a huge hat?

Bars: I’d wear a really big hat because I like hats!

Melody: I wouldn’t want big shoes as I already have big feet, so I’d choose a big hat too!

Possess eight arms or eight feet?

Melody: Eight arms. Then I could be a one-man band!

Be a deep sea diver or an astronaut?

Melody: I’d say a deep sea diver because you can look up to space but you can’t look down to the bottom of the ocean.

Bars: I’d be an astronaut to see outside of the world.

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