Would You Rather… with Georgia and Finney from Disney’s First Class Chefs!

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Girl Talk Magazine has been chatting to the stars of Disney’s First Class chefs!


The show stars Georgia and Finney and features kids battling it out to win £10,000 for their school!

We challenged Georgia and Finney to a game of Would you rather…

We’ve cooked up some tasty treats for First Class Chef Stars Georgia and Finney!


Eat your food with your hands or your toes?

Georgia: With my hands!

Finney: Yeah, I think it would be very difficult to eat with my toes!


Live a life without pizza or burgers?

Finney: Hamburgers!

Georgia: Oh that’s so hard! Finney could you really live without hamburgers?

Finney: Yes because I love pizza.

Georgia: I think I would have to do the same – I love pizza too much!


Eat a whole chilli or keep an ice cube in your mouth until it melts?

Georgia: Ice cube!

Finney: Ooh, yeah, I’d have to agree with Georgia!


Only eat Brussels sprouts or only drink spinach juice for a day?

Georgia: I’d only drink spinach juice. Actually, I made a delicious spinach smoothie the other day!

Finney: Spinach isn’t too bad, but if it’s just on its own it’s very earthy! So I’d eat Brussels sprouts all day.


Shower in prune juice or bathe in custard?

Finney: Shower in prune juice cos that sounds really organic and healthy to me!

Georgia: I like a good bath, so I’ll bathe in some custard!

Don’t miss First Class Chefs, Mondays and Tuesdays, 4.30pm on the Disney Channel. The final’s nearly here!


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