Would You Rather…? With Jacqueline Wilson

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OMG! Look who’s taking Girl Talk’s silliest challenge ever – it’s only Jacqueline Wilson! 


Sing on The X Factor or bake onGreat British Bake Off?

Ha! I would be spectacularly bad at both, but I think I would sooner go on Bake Off. It’s one of my very favourite programmes. If I was on X Factor, I would get four Xs by the second note of my song!

Write a scary story or watch a scary film?

I’d rather write a scary story. (Ooh, we’d love to read that!)

Travel forwards to the future or back to the past?

I’d go back in time to see for myself exactly what it was like to be a Victorian.

Be stuck in a lift with Tracy Beaker or Hetty Feather?

Hetty Feather, quite definitely! Hetty is ingenious and would find a way of getting the lift going again whereas Tracy would just kick off!

Run away to the circus like Hetty Feather or work in a sweet factory like Opal Plumstead?

I’d rather join the circus, but I’m not sure what I would do! Ha! Ha!

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Now it’s your turn! What would you rather do? 

Go on tour with Taylor or go to Disneyland with Ariana?

Be a famous author or a TV star?

Live in Albert Square or on Coronation Street?

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