Would you rather… with Make It Pop!

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The stars of Make It Pop take Girl Talk’s challenge!


Would you rather control the weather or talk to animals?

Louriza: I’m obsessed with dogs, so being able to talk to them would be the best thing ever!


Be really clever or really sporty?

Erika: I would rather be really clever. I think it’s cool to be smart!


Live without sweets or TV?

Megan: I guess I’d give up sweets, as that’s better for my teeth!


Sing with Taylor or act with Ariana?

Erika: That’s a hard decision to make! I think ultimately I would choose to sing with Taylor – she’s so talented!


Publish your diary to the world or have a cringe posted on YouTube?

Megan: I could never share my diary to the world, so I’d rather have one cringe that I can move on from and forget about!


Be able to fly or read people’s minds?

Louriza: I would love to fly. People could be thinking they hate my hair and I wouldn’t want to know stuff like that!


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