Would You Rather With… The Vamps!

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The Vamps are sitting in Girl Talk’s silly seat!


Be the tallest person or the shortest person in the world?

James: I’d be the tallest person so I could reach more stuff!


Never be able to speak again or never be able to stop talking?

Brad: Never speak again. It’s just effort sometimes to speak! I’m not a big talker, so I’ve probably gone a day without speaking before.

Be a dolphin or a shark?


Tristan: A shark because I could eat the dolphin. I’m at the top of the food chain!

Be itchy or be smelly for the rest of your life?


Connor: I hate being itchy! Smelly you can do something about, but if you’re itchy, you can’t really. I’ve got an itch now just thinking about it!

Give up you phone or give up TV?

Tristan: Give up TV. You don’t need a television to watch telly, you can stream it on your phone!

The Vamps’ new album Wake Up is out now!

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