X Factor finalist Saara Aalto could represent the UK at Eurovision 2018!

She will have to enter another talent show if she wants to try.

Saara Aalto finished second in 2016’s X Factor but has said she’s been asked to represent the UK at Eurovision!

That’s a massive song content that takes place each year where every country in Europe (and some outside of it!) send a contestant to perform.

Apparently it’s not an easy choice for Saara though, who is Finnish. She’s torn over whether she should be representing her own country or the UK!

Lots of people on social media reckon she would do a good job.

If Saara were to say ‘yes’, she would enter another talent show called Eurovision: You Decide. She’d go up against other UK Eurovision hopefuls, with the public deciding their favourite!

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Saara has tried to audition for Eurovision before, but for Finland.

Speaking about the whole thing, Saara said:

I love Eurovision so I have been searching for the right opportunity to be part of it. It’s just whether I should do it for the UK or Finland or some other country. But the UK is my home now.

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