Your chance to make sure politicians keep promise for a healthy planet

We know that loads of you are really interested in the world around you and what you can do to help make it better. So we thought we’d tell you about a cool event going on tomorrow at Selfridges in London.

promise-healthy-planetAs part of Selfridges’ Project Ocean, ClientEarth and the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) are launching a project to help young people make sure politicians are doing everything they’ve promised to protect the planet and its oceans for us.

The Declaration of Young People’s Rights to a Healthy Planet will be launched on Tuesday 24 May in Selfridges’ Ultralounge, at the first Promise for a Healthy Planet event: Promise for a Healthy Ocean.

100 young people will gather in the store to explain why they support the Declaration, which will be presented to world leaders at the Rio de Janeiro Earth summit in 2012.

They will be given an opportunity to talk about what they want to happen and how we can improve on what’s been done so far. The event will end with a march through Selfridges, with placards made by the young people in response to the evening’s discussions.

The event will be the first step in a campaign seeking support from young people across the globe.

So if you want to get involved then visit the Ultralounge at Selfridges at 6pm on Tuesday, 24th May.