Your favourite David Walliams characters!

Who is your favourite? There can be only one!


David Walliams is a pretty busy man. When he’s not on TV or flying around the country in a helicopter he’s writing loads of books. In fact he’s written 8 books and they’re all jam-packed with excitement, adventure and loads of jokes!

His newest book, Grandpa’s Great Escape is out now and it’s all about the high-flying adventures of Jack and his Grandpa!

To celebrate all of his amazing books, we asked you to vote for your favourite character!

Anyone from It could be Raj the shopkeeper, awful Aunt Alberta or Grandpa, the choice was yours!

Loads and loads of you have been in touch and the results are in!

Here are the top five…


5. Grandpa

In at number 5 it’s the Spitfire flying supremo Grandpa!


4. Raj the Shopkeeper

This guy is in every single Walliams book apart from Awful Auntie (he probably needed a day off).


3. Awful Aunt Alberta

Alberta lives up to her moniker as being awful. She lacks all sympathy and morals, having chosen to fight on the German side in World War I simply because she preferred their uniforms. She has killed and tortured people and loves vicious owls!


2. Mr Stink

Number 2 seems a pretty appropriate place for Mr Stink, doesn’t it?


1. Gangster Granny

Your favourite character from all of the books David Walliams has written is Gangster Granny!


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