Zoe Sugg unveils new Zoella Lifestyle home range at #ZoellaApartment in West London!


If you’re subscribed to Zoella on YouTube (and, well, who isn’t) then you’ll know she’s been working on loads of exciting, secret projects all year.

Well, one of those is a secret no more!

Zoe posted some amazing news online this week – that she’s launching her very-own Zoella Lifestyle range!

So now you can make your home look just as amazing as Zoe and Alfie’s place!

Zoe had teased fans about new Zoella Beauty stuff being launched at the #ZoellaApartment all week long – but it turned out there was a whole new product line on the way too!

The Zoella Lifestyle range includes candles, plantpots, cushions, defusers, drinks cups, notebooks and pencils!

Plus, there’s even some festive stuff in there!

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So far, there’s no word on when the range will launch but we bet it’ll be in time for Christmas 2016!

As well as Zoella Lifestyle, there are new Zoella Beauty products coming as expected.

All these lovely things are being showcased at a special #ZoellaApartment in West London at the moment, which some lucky competition winners will get to visit!

Alfie and Poppy Deyes were down there at the launch to support Zoe and it looks like they had an amazing time!

It’s been a pretty amazing year for Zoe, who’s just reached 11 million subscribers on her main channel!

Check out the video below when we caught up with Zoe at the launch of her original Zoella Beauty range!

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