Zoella reveals she ‘had help’ writing debut novel Girl Online!

Uh-oh, it’s all kicking off…!


Last week, we revealed that Zoella’s first-ever book Girl Online had gone straight to Number 1 in the book charts and broken all kinds of records in the process!

But, since then, there’s been a lil’ bit of controversy surrounding the novel after Zo confirmed she’d had a bit of a helping hand in writing it.

Basically, some people are claiming a ghostwriter (that’s someone who writes stuff for other people without everyone else knowing) did most of the work on the book and Zoe wasn’t clear in explaining how much she did to her bazillion fans.

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Zoe has since come out on Twitter to say that she did have some help but that “the story and the characters of Girl Online” were all her ideas from the start.


She’s also said that she’s taking a break from the internet for a few days because “it’s clouding up [her] brain.”

We think we might have too as well! It’s all rather confusing this ghost-business!

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There’s been a bit of a mixed reaction online to all of it from her fans, with some feeling a bit let down and others saying it’s totally fine she worked with another writer on the project.

What do you make of it? Drop us a comment in the box below!

by Jamie Lee | 9th December 2014 11:24

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