Zoella’s secret crush on Danny Jones from McFly is exposed on Twitter!

What will Alfie say?!

Poor Zoella had a proper awks moment over the Christmas holidays!

A fan delved way back into Zoe’s Twitter timeline and discovered an old tweet from 2010 where she revealed her celeb crush…

Danny Jones from McFly!

Zoe tweeted “if someone could hook me up with Danny Jones for Valentines day i would be eternally grateful, thanks muchly” back in January 2010!

Danny didn’t spot it back then… but he has now after Emily (@itsdannyjones_) tagged him in the tweet!

He saw the funny side and responded with the crying laughing emoji!

Don’t worry, this was all before Zoella and Alfie started going out!

But still – what a proper cringe way to start 2017!


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