Big Wisdom with Sean and Robot

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Sometimes young people have wisdom that’s so impressive, we all need to take note of it (yes, even the adults).

So get your parents to listen with you to Fun Kids at 7.45am so they can hear some BIG wisdom from Fun Kids listeners like you.

Every weekday, Sean and Robot are inviting one of you to share a wise phrase or saying on air so that everyone gets to hear it. 

If you have a saying that you’d like to share with us, you can record it on our Fun Kids app. It can be downloaded to your smartphone or tablet – just go to the menu and click record a message.

Tell us your name, how old you are and what your wise saying is – and your big bit of wisdom could end up on the radio!

You might have a fun poem about washing your hands or it could be something clever about sharing screen time with your brother or sister.

Whatever it is, let us know by recording a message in the Fun Kids app!

Click here to download the app!

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