The angriest football managers with Dan!

Who are the meanest managers in football?

After Mark Hughes screamed in the face of the linesman and referee, getting sent to the stands and fined by the FA too, he also earned his place on the leaderboard of the very angriest football bosses.

But there are many more!

Football is full of mad bosses and crazy coaches – way too many to mention them all, so here’s is just a furious few!

1) Sir Alex Ferguson

A classic. One of the most successful managers of all time, but also one of the maddest. David Beckham’s eye still has flashbacks to the time Fergie hoofed a football boot across the changing room into it.

2) Paolo Di Canio

Not a surprise here. He was an angry player, and now he’s an angrier manager. We re-live the time he was so annoyed with a player, he dragged them off after a quarter of the match.

3) Rafa Benitez

A BIG surprise here. He seems so calm and chilled, but really he’s a coiled viper ready to pounce. I’ve got some NOTES about this man…

Find out more about these angry managers in the video above!

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