New sports announced for Tokyo 2020: Baseball, softball, karate, skateboarding, climbing, and surfing!

Find out why below!

The people that run the Olympics have announced a load of new events!

Baseball, softball, karate, skateboarding, climbing, and surfing are all being added to the list. It means that for the first time, medals are up-for-grabs in these areas.

We want to take sport to the youth. With the many options that young people have, we cannot expect any more that they will come automatically to us. We have to go to them.

That’s what Thomas Bach, who runs the International Olympic Committee said. The decision to add these sports wad made to appeal to people like you! 

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The inclusion of the new sports will add 18 events and see 474 more athletes compete, with equal numbers of women and men for all sports.

Additional sports in Tokyo will not impact the athlete or event quotas of existing Olympic sports or be binding on future host cities.

The new changes will first be seen in Tokyo in 2020.

The man in charge of running that, Yoshiro Mori, said this:

The inclusion of the package of new sports will afford young athletes the chance of a lifetime to realise their dreams of competing in the Olympic Games – the world’s greatest sporting stage – and inspire them to achieve their best, both in sport and in life.

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