Premier League Football Predictions! (13th-14th August)

It's back! Football is back!

The championship cogs in Dan’s brain have had some rest and relaxation during the close-season, but they’re back with full fitness and a refreshed focus on the title!

So he’s pushed in some stats and form, and from the mystic machine, here are 3 Premier League Predictions!

1) Man City v Sunderland

Pep Guardiola finally makes his debut in English football, and with buckets of cash being spent on his new look side, he’ll hope he can bring the beauty of Barcelona to the Premier League.

City once again are proving their money muscle, because every club in England would’ve killed to get Guardiola, but they’ve won him over with seemingly endless piles of cash!

Sunderland’s new boss David Moyes can be the ultimate party-pooper though.

2) Hull City v Leicester

The Premier League New-Boys play the Premier League Champions, and without a manager or any key transfers, can the Tigers prove that the Foxes title-win last season can never be repeated?

Hull are in a weird place, because when they were promoted from the Championship last season, their manager at the time, wasn’t too confident about sticking around in the job.

Caretaker manager Mike Phelan is in charge, he was Alex Ferguson’s assistant at United, but it will be tricky for him to replicate his old bosses success, especially with no key transfers!

They are the Premier League champions, but you wouldn’t know it because no one is talking about them!

3) Arsenal v Liverpool

What a surprise! Another season starts with the Gunners needing around 11 more players to have a good shot at the title.

They did buy Granit Xhaka earlier on, but that’s it, they still need a striker and a defender.

Klopp has cleared out Liverpool, and will hope that his new players are prepared to run themselves into dust to reach for the trophy.

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