Dove Cameron joins Disney Channel’s kids sitcom The Lodge

Dove Cameron is joining The Lodge as sports-mad Jess!

There’s a new character coming to Disney’s The Lodge next season!

Jess is joining the cast! Jess will be played by Dove Cameron who has also been in things like Hairspray Live and Liv and Maddie!

Jess has been training for a big mountain biking championship and is determined to do even better this time!

But when Max is injured in the qualifier, she has one of the boys from The Lodge in her sights as a replacement…

To remind you, here’s what happened in the first series of The Lodge…

Skye, who is 15, moved away from a big city to the countryside in Northern Ireland. She helps run a hotel called North Star Lodge!

Skye tries to build a new life away from the city but things aren’t always easy. When she learns her father is planning to sell the hotel, Skye gets very upset.

She decides to convince her father not to sell the hotel – but then discovers some secrets that affect Skye’s life and the chances of the hotel being closed down.

The second season comes out in June.

Skye and her friends will face new challenges, attempt to solve a new mystery, and try to save her friendships…

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