Euro 2016 Semi Final Score Predictions!

The end is nigh!

Just 3 games left of Euro 2016! *Sad Face*

Let’s try and guess who will be in the very last one, with some semi final predictions!

1) Wales v Portugal

It’s really about two players. If we work who’s the best out of Bale and Ronaldo right now, surely we find our first finalist? The only real difference between them right now might be their hair though…

2) Germany v France

World Champions v Hosts! Will the German’s ruthless attack cut through a flimsy French defence? Or will the Hosts’ strikers get them to the final in the own country?

Dan’s not even sorry about the singing at the end. If the Welsh boys get to the final, you can expect a whole load more of that silliness!

Hit play on the vid above to check them all out!

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