N60Sean and Dan go head-to-head with Markiplier in Disney Challenge’s The Lodge WWE 2K17 Challenge!

...and there's a pretty awkward forfeit for the loser!

This Friday on the Fun Kids Breakfast Show, Sean is going to be joined by the cast Disney Channel’s The Lodge!

At the end of Season 1 of the show, Skye texted ‘I Choose You xxx’ to someone… and it wasn’t until the start of the latest series that we found out whether it was Ben or Sean (not Sean from Fun Kids)!

So Sean (we’re talking about the Fun Kids one again now) decided to spice things up in the latest WWE 2K17 video on his YouTube channel, N60Sean

He’s roped in fellow Fun Kids presenter Dan, with the two of them going head-to-head in an epic battle!

The stakes are high. The loser will have to let the cast of The Lodge send “I Choose You xxx” to anyone in their phone contacts!

…and that means ANYONE. Imagine how awkward things could get?!

Click play to see whether Sean or Dan will be doing the forfeit!

Listen to Fun Kids this Friday morning from 8am to hear Sean chatting to the cast of The Lodge… and to hear that forfeit *actually* happening for real – eek!

Sean’s also got amazing tunes to wake you up and expect loads of LOLs with his co-host Robot too!

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