Sean made his own Pokemon Game! | Pokemon N60 | Let’s Play Part 1

Sean has uncovered an old Pokemon game that he made around 8 years ago!

There’s a brand new Let’s Play series on Sean’s YouTube channel!

This one is a little bit different to the others…

Because it’s a game Sean built himself!

Well, sort of.

About 8 years ago Sean designed himself his very own Pokemon game and until this week he thought it had disappeared forever!

So he’s decided the only sensible thing to do is play through the game from start to finish.

In this video, Sean’s overslept and Professor Oak has run out of starter Pokemon!

His grandad tries to save the day but the Pokemon he finds aren’t exactly up to scratch…
Is the Pokemon adventure over before it’s even begun?!?!

You can watch the whole episode by hitting play above!

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