Sean tests out Sonic Mario Maker levels!

Super Mario Maker - Sonic 1 Showcase

Sean is a huge fan of Sonic the Hedgehog!

Check out Sean playing a Minecraft & Sonic mash up here!

So he has been searching through Mario Maker looking for the very best Sonic levels!

There are loads of them on the game so Sean is definitely not alone in his super Sonic fandom.

If you fancy giving any of them a go, you can find them using these level codes:

Green Hill Zone Act 1 5048-0000-0016-C599
Marble Zone Act 1 7CDB-0000-003A-5F77
Labyrinth Zone Act 1 1C24-0000-003F-6623
Scrap Brain Zone Act 1: A934 0000 0082 b959

Check out the video above to see which ones Sean rates!

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