Sean’s top twenty Pokemon Go tips, tricks and secrets!

Become the ultimate trainer!

Sean has been doing some serious Pokemon Go research…

By research we mean, playing the game 24/7 since it’s release and in that time he’s found out some pretty useful stuff about the game!

This weekend he found out loads of new facts about Pokemon Go! Here are his favourite 10 new discoveries…

1. The highest level your trainer can get to is Level 40.

2. The number of XP points you need to get from level 1 to level 40 is 20,000,000!

3. That’s the equivalent of catching and evolving almost 50,000 Pokemon!

4. Pokemon don’t get stronger in the wild past Level 30

5. Your Pokemon Eggs won’t hatch stronger after Level 20

6. Each Pokemon has a distinct set of base stats. Attack, Defence and Stamina

7. The non-legendary Pokemon with the highest attack stat is Dragonite with 150!

8. Ever wondered why your Pokemon’s CP can be so varied? Each Pokemon has a set of secret stats called “individual values” These are random hidden bonuses than can be applied to the Pokemon’s base attack, defence and stamina stat. This bonus could be up to 15 points meaning you could find a Dragonite with 151 attack or a massive 165!

9. You may not have to use Pokeballs to catch legendary Pokemon in the game. Some clever folks have found that Moltres, Articuno, Zapdos and Mewtwo all have a 0 catch rate, which suggests that you may have to defeat them in battle in order to catch them!

10. The same clever folks have discovered a few items that haven’t been found yet in the code. The Masterball will be obtainable at some point as will a special “distance incubator” which is rumoured to make your egg hatching distances shorter!

There’s more stuff to find out in the video, hit play above to check it out!


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