Super Mario Maker Top 8 Courses! Featuring The Lion King, WWE, Shaun The Sheep & More!

He's picked 8 of the best!

Sean is a bit of a Super Mario Maker super fan!

He’s been playing it loads and loads since it came out and has made some pretty amazing levels.

In fact, Sean has made so many Mario Maker levels that he started to wonder which were his best ones.

She he has put together the top 8 courses he’s made on the game!

If you fancy giving these a go then check them out using the codes below:

Road To Wrestlemania: E9AC-0000-01CB-08EC

The Belly Of The Beast: 94F5-0000-0090-5F98

Yoshi’s Bad Dream: 9D7E-0000-0068-4D30

Mushroom Gorge: DFCD-0000-0247-B2C3

The Lion King: 797B-0000-022E-191A

S.S Anne: 1B72-0000-01DC-D613

The Wrong Trousers: 87AA-0000-0252-3560

Super Mario 64: Classic: CB2F-0000-0262-05D7

If you have any level ideas let Sean know in the comments below!

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