Watch episode 1 of N60Sean’s new series YouTuber Island on The Sims 3!

Your favourite YouTubers living on an island together... what could possibly go wrong?!

Sean from the Fun Kids Breakfast Show has his very-own YouTube channel – N60Sean!

If you love gaming, definitely hit subscribe! Sean’s always checking out the latest games and coming up with silly things to do with them.

Right now, he’s been playing around with The Sims 3 and he’s created a YouTuber Island!

So he’s found a load of massive YouTube stars and left them living on an island together to see what happens!

JackSepticEye and Markiplier star in episode 1, which you can watch below!

In episode 2, Sean throws a big party and invites a bunch of other YouTubers along, including PopularMMOs, GamingwithJen, Dan & Phil and H2O Delirious!

Subscribe to N60Sean on Youtube to watch it and follow the rest of the series!

You can hear Sean every morning before school on the Fun Kids Breakfast Show!

With his co-host Robot, Sean’s got more of the latest gaming news and the best tunes around!

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