Dan reviews Madagascar The Musical at a special London VIP event!

Watch the video above!

Dan went to the New Wimbledon Theatre to see Madagascar The Musical!

He found out what it was all about and was even lucky enough to get his face painted…

Here’s what he had to say about it!

Madagascar the Musical was one of the most exciting trips to the theatre I’ve had in ages.

Everything moves very fast – the story, the set as it sweeps across the stage to become something new, and the dancing all happens at such a terrific pace that it’s very hard to take your mind off the story.

It’s all about Alex the Lion, and his friends who have the most comfy life they could wish for as the star attractions at New York’s Central Park Zoo.

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Everything is ticking over nicely for the gang.

Except Marty the Zebra is bored. He is tired of life in captivity, so wishes to break free and escape to the wild.

Within minutes we seem him charge across the streets, through airports with his mates chasing after him, until finally they end up packed, boxed and shipped off to the island of Madagascar.

It’s bright, it’s busy and it’s got one of the best dance finales you’ll ever see involving a flossing lemur.

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