Dan’s Premier League Predictions (14th & 15th May)

It's the final Prem week of the season!

We’ve reached the final week of the 2015/16 Premier League season!

So that means one last lot of football predictions from Dan.

This week he’s picked the following three gams…

1) Arsenal v Aston Villa

Can the Gunners finish above arch-rivals Spurs? Will Villa ruin their day? (no.)

2) Swansea City v Man City

Are the Swans already smothering suncream on for a lovely summer holiday? Or will Manuel Pellegrini’s last game as City manager ends in tears?

3) Leicester v Chelsea

Can Champions Leicester shine their Premier League trophy with 3 extra points? Will the lazy Chelsea players run around a lot to impress their new manager?

He also compares Antonio Conte to a mad, angry PE teacher, and now he’s terrified he’ll come to get Dan.

AND there is quite a good boat cartoon to stick around for at the end.

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