Euro 2016 Score Predictions! (20th-26th June)

Dan's in the know when it comes to the Euros!

Just when you thought you could leave the sofa, ANOTHER week of football tournament madness hits us.Let’s get into a second week of Euro 2016 predictions!

Let’s get into a second week of Euro 2016 predictions!

3 more matches have been picked out by Dan and he thinks he knows just how they’re going to go…

1) Russia v Wales – Without a win, the Russians will be looking to not be too embarrassed as they (probably) the competition. But they need to stop Gareth Bale, which is like trying to breathe on Venus.

2) Northern Ireland v Germany – The Northern Irish need all the energy, effort and passion they can summon to take on a German, World Cup winning team, who look like they’ve not really bothered yet.

3) Ukraine v Poland – Can an average Ukraine side stop the World’s Best Striker? Probably not. It’s in the video anyway.

Click play on the vid above to find out the rest!

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