Giant panda no longer an endangered species as numbers hit 2000!

But there's some bad news for the eastern gorilla...

It’s a great day to be a giant panda!

The wild giant panda population has risen to around 2060 adults and cubs and that means they’re no longer classed as an ‘endangered’ species.

It’s after years of conservation efforts in China to breed more giant pandas and protect the bamboo forests where they live.

However, the number is still quite low and although they’re not endangered anymore they are still regarded as ‘vulnerable’.

That’s because despite all the hard work done so far, climate change could wipe out a lot of the forests in the next 80 years.

The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) regularly compile a ‘Red list’ which states the plants and animals at risk from becoming extinct.

And while it’s good news for giant pandas, it’s bad news for the eastern gorilla.

The eastern gorilla is the world’s largest primate but illegal hunting has driven numbers down to just 5000 around the world.

That’s 70% less than there were 20 years ago.

It means four out of Earth’s six great ape species are now ‘critically endangered’.

Along with the eastern gorilla, the western gorilla, Bornean orangutan and Sumatran orangutan are also at risk.

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