You could have a Harry Potter book worth thousands on your shelf!

£26,000 for a typo!

If you’re a Potter fan then you should probably go and have a search through your bookshelves…

Recently an eagle-eyed fan noticed a mistake in her copy of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone!

In the list of things he needs for Diagon Alley, 1 wand is listed twice!

This might seem like a silly unimportant error BUT it could be very good news for your piggy bank.

Because only 500 copies of the book with this mistake in were ever printed, it’s very valuable indeed!

In fact, a copy that’s being sold at auction in November is expected to be sold for about £26,000!

That’s a lot of chocolate frogs!

It might be worth digging out those old copies and flicking to page 53…

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