N60 Sean recreates Pokemon in Mario Maker!

Super Pokemon Bros. Part 1 - Viridian Forest, Mt. Moon & S.S Anne

It’s that time again!

Sean from the Breakfast Show has let his imagination run wild in Super Mario Maker once more.

In this Super Mario mini-game he’s created a platform version of the original Pokemon Red and Blue games!

The first 3 levels takes place in the Viridian Forest, Mt. Moon & aboard the S.S Anne!

If you fancy giving these levels a go yourself you can using these codes:

Viridian Forest – 4264-0000-01DC-D119
Mt. Moon – 4264-0000-01DC-D119
S.S Anne – 1B72-0000-01DC-D613

If you’ve got any ideas for future levels, then let us know in the comments below!

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