More Sonic Mario Maker levels with N60Sean!

More Sonic Mario Maker madness!

Sean LOVES Sonic just about as much as he loves Mario.

So what would make the perfect game for Sean?

Well, it would be some sort of fusion of the two… and he’s found just the thing!

Check out the first load of levels here!

Loads of people out there in Mario Maker land have been creating Sonic themed levels and Sean has been trying them out in his latest vid!

Fancy giving them a go?

Get the Mario Maker level codes below:

Emerald Hill Zone – Emelie – 9E52-0000-0051-54B9
Mystic Cave Zone Act 2 – Emelie – 1B59 -0000-0052-828C
Wing Fortress Zone – Ethan – 0D7F-0000-005A-7A28

Check out the video to see which ones Sean rates!

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