Super Mario Maker: ExciteBike challenge by JustJulyo

Can N60Sean beat the record time?

N60Sean is taking on quite the challenge in this week’s Super Mario Maker vid!

He stumbled across a load of levels based on the old school Nintendo game, Excitebike created by a guy called JustJulyo.

Check out JustJulyo’s channel here!

The levels are set ALL over the Mario universe and some of them are pretty tricky…

That was never going to put Sean off though, he’s loves a challenge!

Can he beat any of the record times?

Click play in the vid above to find out!

Tap the links below and give the challenge a try yourself and see if you can beat my time!

Mushroom Hills

Freezie’s Cavern

Big Boo’s Mansion

Bowser’s Volcanoes

Time Leaderboard

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