Things you might have missed at Euro 2016 with Dan!

There's been SO much going on, you might not have noticed these...

As a whole month of tournament football comes to an end, filled with upsetz, skillzz and failzzz – let’s look at 3 things you might’ve missed from Euro 2016!

1) Ronaldo get’s angry

One of the World’s Best Players, Cristiano Ronaldo, takes out his anger at having a poor start to the tournament in France by throwing a poor, defenceless microphone into a lake.

2) Buffon’s Slippery Hands

The Italian Goalkeeper proves that holding on to a ball is much easier than gripping a cross-bar, as he falls onto his backside celebrating the Country’s victory over Belgium. In front of all their fans.

3) Kiraly’s Jogging Bottoms

Gabor Kiraly, Hungary’s Goalkeeper, goes against all footballing normality, by instead of trying to look amazing for the cameras and fans, dressing like your school caretaker.

Hit play on the vid above to check them all out!

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