Download these Monster High colouring-in activity sheets!

Check out the latest adventure - Welcome to Monster High!

We’ve got hold of some cool colouring-in sheets from Monster High!¬†Grab your best pencils,¬†click on the sheets¬†below,¬†print them¬†out and get colouring!

There’s a brand-new Monster High adventure¬†out now – Welcome to Monster High!

This story goes back to the very beginning, tracing the origins of the wackiest high school around. Once upon a tomb monsters lived in hiding, afraid they would be in danger if humans knew they existed.

But Draculaura, daughter of Dracula, and her ghoulfriends dreamt of a school where monsters and humans could co-exist. Determined to make their dream come true, Draculaura and her best ghoulfriends travel the world on an epic adventure to recruit new students.

But even in an amazing place like Monster High, there’s drama: a villainess zombie is spreading trouble rather than friendship, and every student must live with the fear that their secret will be revealed.

Welcome to Monster High is full of catchy original songs, midnight adventures and brand new friendships.

It’s available now on DVD and Digital Download.

Click here to get your copy of Welcome to Monster High!

Check out Monster High’s very own dance troupe demonstrating a step-by-step routine to Dance the Fright Away…

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