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Steve Backshall has written a series of books!

If you are a big fan of animal adventurer, Steve Backshall, you’ll really like his books! They’re called The Falcon Chronicles and they’re out right now. Click here to find out more!

Join Saker, a boy member of The Clan. The Clan offer child spies, thieves and assassins for hire. The Clan are like brothers. But, once you’re a member of The Clan, you can never leave.

Each Clan member has their own animal identity and tattoo, and they’re experts in jungle law, survival, and animals.

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51K2MFpjL1L._SX324_BO1,204,203,200_In Tiger WarsSaker is on the run from the only life he knows. From India to the Himalayas and China, he’ll be pursued by hunting dogs, spies, thieves and assassins in his quest to set free the most majestic, lethal and valuable of all the predators, the tiger! With him, on every dangerous step of the adventure, is Sinter, a girl who has her own reasons for running away.





ghosts-of-the-forestGhosts of the Forest is the second book in the series. Saker and Sinter have split up. Sinter is nursing in the shanty towns of Ho Chi Minh City. Saker is with the peace-loving Penan helping them protect the orang-utans and save their own forest homes, as unscrupulous loggers wreak destruction. But they are being watched!





51pAt5t6V-L._SX320_BO1,204,203,200_The latest book in the series is called Wilds of the Wolf. Saker and Sinter have a plan to sabotage a billionaire businessman plundering ‘black gold’, otherwise known as natural oil and gas. It goes disastrously wrong, and they find themselves in an even more terrifying situation.

The Falcon Chronicles by Steve Backshall are out right now. Click here to find out more!





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