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Thirteen-year-old Adam has made a lot of mistakes in his life, but this has to be the BIGGEST.

Thanks to a MASSIVE fight with his little brother Callum, the mysterious and magical computer algorithm Popularis Incrementum has exploded – and accidentally transported them to a completely different world! No, not just a different world.

A different dimension: one where Adam and Callum were never born and the internet doesn’t exist, and neither does any of the technology they know and love and rely on to make their epic YouTube videos!

Will the brothers survive in this strange Altiverse where everything is THE SAME but DIFFERENT?

Can they stop an EVIL VILLAIN from sabotaging their dad’s world-changing technology when in this universe their dad doesn’t even know who they are?

And, most importantly of all: WILL THEY EVER FIND A WAY BACK HOME?

The second PHENOMENALLY FUNNYΒ out-of-this-worldΒ adventure from YouTube sensation and TV presenter Adam B is perfect if you’re a fan of David Baddiel and Ben Miller!

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