‘Barry the Fish’ and ‘Don’t Wipe your Bum with a Hedgehog’

For younger children

Barry the Fish With Fingers Tickle Hide-and-Seek

BarryFishFingers_Hide&SeekBy Sue Hendra

Age: 2+

Enjoy lots of mischief – and tickles! – with this new story about Barry, the fish with fingers. Barry’s favourite game is ‘tickle chase’ and there are lots of fish who want to play. They are hiding in the ocean, and Barry has to find them.

There’s a special Barry puppet that you can put your own hand into – and join in the game of tickle chase as you look for all the sea creatures that are hiding – one orange octopus, two purple starfish, three red crabs and so on.

Watch out for the surprise at the end, hidden in the pirate’s treasure chest!

Published by Simon & Schuster – £8.99


For older children

Don’t Wipe your Bum with a Hedgehog

DontWipeBumWithHedgehogBy Mitchell Symmons

Age: 8+

This is a book of top tips, sensible advice and things it’s best never to do if you know what’s good for you.

For example, never forget it’s easier to stay out of trouble than to get out of trouble; never try to teach a pig to sing – it’s a waste of time and annoys the pig, never tie your shoelaces in a revolving door, and never argue with an idiot; bystanders can’t tell the difference.

There’s loads of other practical advice that will save you lots of time and trouble in years to come but this was our favourite – ‘Never buy a hot dog from a stand outside a football ground. Even if you smother it with ketchup, you’re still going to be eating minced-up verrucas and toenails in a bun….’

And remember – don’t wipe your bum with a hedgehog – because the hedgehog wouldn’t like it!

Published by Doubleday – £7.99


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