Bath, Book, Bed with the Book Trust!

New campaign by BookTrust puts stories firmly at the centre of a good night’s sleep!

Getting babies and young kids to sleep at night can be a bit of a challenge sometimes!

Well the guys at the BookTrust have teamed up with parenting guru Jo Frost to launch the Bath, Book and Bed campaign!

The idea is to encourage parents, parent and child fosteringΒ to make stories part of every child’s bedtime routine.

Research has shown that having a good routine at bedtime can help improve the amount of sleep a child gets.

So the same routine every night with a story thrown into the mix won’t just help kids fall asleep but it will also feed their imagination, creativity and confidence, especially if your read them one of these Bed time stories for Children by!

The BookTrust website is packed full of great ideas, guidance and tips to make reading a part of every child’s bedtime!

Click here to visit the website!



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