‘Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom’ and ‘Space Lizards Ate My Sister’

For younger children

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom: The Big Farm Picture Book and CD

Somewhere, hidden amongst thorny brambles, is the Little Kingdom where Ben the elf and Holly the fairy live.

In this story, fairy princess Holly, Ben Elf and their friends are on a visit to the Elf Farm with Nanny Plum to see where carrots and eggs come from. But when the Wise Old Elf explains that milk comes from cows on the Big Farm, they all excitedly decide to embark on a trip to see for themselves.

Naturally, not everything goes to plan but a combination of magic and a little Elf wisdom saves the day….

Listen to the CD for all the magical sounds of Ben and Holly’s little kingdom, as well as more familiar farmyard noises.

Published by Ladybird Books Ltd – £7.99


For older children

Space Lizards Ate My Sister

By Mark Griffiths

Age: 7+

In the latest Space Lizards story, an evil warlord ruler of the space lizards is trapped in the body of an iguana while an asteroid hurtles towards Earth, threatening its utter destruction.

This is where 11 year old Lance Spratley comes in as the only human capable of facing down the threats of space lizards and asteroids. Unfortunately, a giant thrall-beast has just eaten his little sister Sally so he also has to find some flooblescoop powder to make the thrall-beast sneeze her out. Shouldn’t be that hard, should it?

As well as much wanton destruction, this story has telepathic icecream, tiny-brained maggot worms, spaceships, loads of aliens and many horrible ways to die.

Published by Simon & Schuster – £5.99


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