Bex chats to Carrie Hope Fletcher about spooky season!

Find out all about her new book Double Trouble Society and The Worst Curse!

What do you get if you mix together two best friends, a witch’s curse and a haunted house?

A spell-binding mystery for fans of The Worst Witch and The Danger Gang from acclaimed performer and bestselling author Carrie Hope Fletcher!

Ivy and Maggie have been best friends ever since they were born at exactly the same minute on Friday 13th – twelve years ago.

They’re always on the lookout for their next adventure, and they won’t have to wait long – there are three new kids in town and they’re all behaving very mysteriously…

The Double Trouble Society know how to handle witches but can they manage vampires, werewolves and ghosts as well?!

Check out Carrie’s new book here!

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