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HELP! My Super-dramatic Aunty Bindi is getting married tomorrow and she’s having a MEGA MELTDOWN.


I’ve just found a ransom note, pushed through the letter box, saying Uncle Tony, Bindi’s husband-to-be, has been KIDNAPPED, and will only be freed if the wedding is CANCELLED!

I have to keep this secret otherwise it will be PANIC- CENTRAL…

I guess it’s up to me, Anisha, Accidental Detective, to save the day.

I’ve roped my best friend Milo in to help solves the clues, and YOU can tag along too – but we need to keep it SECRET.

Our suspects so far:

  • Uncle Ricky – he’s acting shifty.
  • The evil twins – they’re SO MEAN. But mean enough to kidnap their own dad?!
  • Mr Bogof – doesn’t like parties. Or people.
  • Granny Jas – what is she hiding in the greenhouse?!

We have until 7pm tonight to find the kidnapper!

Let’s investigate!

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