‘Callum’s Incredible Construction Kit’ and ‘The Disastrous Little Dragon’

For younger children

Callum’s Incredible Construction Kit

By Jonathan Emmett, Ben Mantle

CallumsConstructionKitAge: 3+

Callum loves building things, so when he’s given a construction kit for his birthday, he’s a very happy boy.

He begins to build – first small things, then big things – but as his constructions get bigger and bigger, the house begins to groan, and then finally to collapse! Callum’s building skills are going face their biggest challenge ever!

Look out for the gnome on the carousel, the teacher-munching dinosaur, a sand castle-building robot, and a flying cat!!

Published by Egmont – £6.99


For older children

The Disastrous Little Dragon

By Gillian Johnson

DisastrousLittleDragonAge: 6+

Imagine a dragon who can’t breathe fire! In this story, Bart the dragon can’t pass his fire test and is hopeless at flying. It’s time to go to Monster Hospital, where four little children who are also monsters will do their best to cure him.

Bart has many adventures at the hospital – being locked in the freezer, flying to the Vast Volcano, gathering crackle berries and rescuing princesses.

But will he also be cured? And will he ever learn to blow fire, not smoke? And what about his terrifying aunty Madge – can the children cure her, too, of her bossiness?!

Published by Hodder – £4.99


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